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Do you need to have a bank account in order to squint to you the value of purchases?
I can not transfer from a bank account in my name Sawa or any other name as an account, for example, your friend, also can go to any Bank of the banks that we are dealing with a branch and deposit the money. You need to deposit process should take only civil cockeyed card and fill in and submit to the bank employee model in a dedicated bank deposit .. process will not take more than 5 minutes in
If you want to buy more of the game you pay on each game an extra charge?
No .. shipping constant value regardless of the number of games, and in the case of shipping were higher than the value found in the store we bear the additional costs and does not Nhmlk anything extra.
How Games received If you came to my city?
Upon the arrival of the shipment shipping company will call you or send a text message with details of the shipment.
Is there a plug for the house?
If you choose FedEx or Aramex Shipping (currently deals with Aramex) and your address and you can ask them to clear the shipment is connected to home or your place of work or where you want.
Do I need to PO Box?
No .. I do not need to have a mailbox whether Saudi Post or other shipping companies approved by us.