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company's founder

About the founder Model melamine melamine factory Riyadh Saad bin Salman factory was born in Riyadh in 1930
Achievements / foundations project melamine plant
In Saudi Arabia in 1976
I was thinking at the start down the path of privacy and independence and look at the success he was thinking of building projects based on a translation of what is going on in his mind was the owner of recipes Ultimate make him give up the world of traditional plants and create a new field of its own .. he had confidence in himself and his decisions and his outlook for the future and his friends had no doubt the retreat from decisions easily and have been here is the beginning of the actual operation of factories
Where he was always trying to reach new innovative ideas to penetrate the market
His sons had always advised patience and that patience is the most important characteristics of a successful businessman creator
The more patient the greater your ability to reach your goals properly How beautiful to see the dazzling results after the fatigue and discomfort
The different stages of the failures that you learn a lot when you focus in a fix
Be always used to say your idea .. believer in faith the idea and work on it and the patience to make it work is one of the secrets of a successful entrepreneur
Your faith in your ability and your idea and your goal and your patience in front of all challenges is the mystery that has puzzled fans of failure and pessimists who is also a mystery that made us feel successful businessmen of the inventory of the ideas was initially illusory and is not convincing at all
So it is always Moumen your idea and challenge all conditions and obstacles
He was always likes to wrap his advice that show a lot of human values ​​Beauties and never skimp advice to others
Of his qualities she was not afraid of failure and always outspoken take steps to risk new thinking
Since the project melamine plant was the first plant in Saudi Arabia
It was here the beginning of the first home Allawana manufacture of melamine in Saudi Arabia